Elmsett Recycling Centre - Celebrating it's 20th Anniversary!

The Elmsett CEVCP recycling centre is 20 years old this year and is a vital source of extra income for the school as well as fitting with the school's ethos of being eco-friendly.

Over the 20 years, it has generated around £170,000!

Fundraising recycling bins outside

  • newspapers and magazines
  • glass
  • books (any age type and condition) and audio books (NEW)
  • drinks cartons
  • textiles (sheets, curtains as well clothes, shoes etc), 
  • aluminium cans
  • toner and inkjet cartridges
and in the school office for:
  • jewellery
  • foreign coins and notes
  • mobile ‘phones
  • batteries

 We also host (non fundraising) recycling

  • Spectacles - Sent to Vision Aid Overseas,
  • Stamps - sent to R.S.P.B. 
  • Aluminium foil - collected by Sudbury Resource Centre. 
  • Drinks Cartons - recycled and removed from landfill.
We would encourage all of our parents and friends to make use of this facility.